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Helpful Calculators

Automobile Calculators
How much vehicle can I afford?Auto loan - Accelerated payoffShould I upgrade to a more fuel efficient vehicle?What would my auto payments be?Auto purchase - Loan versus 0% dealer financing?Should I lease or purchase an auto?
Cash Flow Calculators
Historical inflation - Compare purchasing powerValue of reducing or foregoing expenses.What is my projected cash flow?What is my current cash flow?What is my projected net worth?What is my current net worth?How long will my money last?Should my spouse enter the work force?Should I pay down debt or invest more?How much do I need for emergencies?How much am I spending?How does inflation impact my standard of living?
Credit Calculators
Should I pay off debts or invest the money?What is the impact of making extra debt payments?Which is better, cash up front or payments over time?Re-structuring debts for accelerated payoffShould I consolidate my personal debt?What is the balance owing on my loan?Do I have too much debt?How long until my loan is paid off?What would my loan payments be?How long will it take to pay off my credit card(s)?
Insurance Calculators
How much life insurance do I need?How much will I earn in my lifetime?How long will my current life insurance proceeds last?
Home & Mortgage Calculators
Compare an interest-only vs. traditional mortgageHow do closing costs impact the interest rate?Which is better, fixed or adjustable-rate mortgage?What are the tax savings generated by my mortgage?Compare a no-cost vs. traditional mortgageShould I convert to a bi-weekly payment schedule?Should I rent or buy a home?Should I pay discount points for a lower interest rate?Comparing mortgage terms (i.e. 15, 20, 30 year)Mortgage calculatorShould I refinance my home mortgage (breakeven)?How much home can I afford?
Paycheck & Benefits Calculators
How much will my company bonus net after taxes?How will payroll adjustments affect my take-home pay?Convert my salary to an equivalent hourly wage.Convert my hourly wage to an equivalent salary.
Retirement Calculators
How much will I need to save for retirement?When should I begin saving for retirement?How much retirement income may my 401(k) provide?
Saving Calculators
What is my effective annual yield?How do taxes and inflation impact my return?Calculate rate of returnWhat will my current savings grow to? How much should I save to reach my goal?Save now vs. save laterHow long until my savings reach my goal?Income generated by a savings plan.How long will it take to double my money?Becoming a millionaire
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